You’ve got to adapt to overcome.....

The sudden arrival of coronavirus in this country meant a sudden lockdown of many aspects of “normal life” From the press conference on Friday 20th March when it was announced that all pubs, bars and restaurants must close that evening and staff could be placed on the job retention scheme. To say it was a shock was a massive understatement- it was a huge shock and it was all systems go to prepare to shut down. last orders that evening was to be the last- as ordered by the government. Its hard saying goodbye to staff and customers especially not really knowing when you would be seeing them again. Waving off the staff on their last shift was the one that gave me a massive lump in my throat. When you work so closely with people they start to become family.

With the staff all on furlough we had to figure out a plan going forward. We had to work out how we could operate safely and without any staff. As a family we sat down and decided we would try and operate a takeaway service if it was required or needed. The amount of food that found its way in folks trolleys in the supermarket over the previous few days before lockdown occurred and the massive stockpiling that was going on did leave us wondering.

WOW, WOW, WOW is all I can say, we were completely overwhelmed and flabbergasted at the response to this service. The take up has been amazing- our customers have really embraced it. I honestly don’t think we would of survived without it. It has been such a huge success that we have now planned to continue it as we reopen. So thank you to all our neighbours, customers, staff and friends who have placed an order wether it was small or large it truly has contributed in the survival of the Weston Cross.

kerry xx