I’ll drink to that....

Gosh what a whirlwind the past seven days have been since we were finally permitted to reopen... albeit only in the garden at the moment (We’ve got to wait until mid May to open the indoors.) After months and months of winter doom and gloom, rising COVID cases, further restrictions, loneliness and in some cases isolation its great to be open, back amongst smiley happy people and back to welcoming you to the pub.

The lawns have been mowed, patio areas washed down, the flowerbeds weeded, tables cleaned, glasses polished, bars all stocked up, umbrellas at the ready. We’d had a manic few weeks getting ready to reopen and I breathed a huge sigh of relief when the garden was finally opened on Wednesday 14th April. Sunny weather, smiles and plenty of cheer was a wonderful sight over the last week and whilst its not a complete return to normality this first step has unleashed a fire in my belly that I feared had started to smoulder during lockdown. The sun shone all week and it was like a bank holiday weekend, a new day of term, Christmas Day and everyone’s birthday all rolled into one, of course with it only being April the evening temperatures did drop sharply late afternoon into early evening and it soon became necessary to zip up the coats or don an extra layer before another round was ordered.

We were busy from day one and into the weekend and I’m proud to say ALL the staff stepped up to the plate, they all wore their masks, adhered to social distancing, followed and implemented the new rules and went out of their way to make sure all our customers enjoyed themselves whilst working their little socks off keeping your thirst quenched and bellies full and for that I am truly grateful. The garden was full all weekend and orders for food for both alfresco dining and takeaway came in thick and fast and kept us at full speed in the kitchen. You certainly all enjoyed your beer-so much so by Sunday you had drank us out of real ale!!!!. It’s been a long time since the place was a buzz with both staff and customers and when Sunday evening came and we finally got the chance to sit down and relax and reflect on the reopening week I had a huge smile on my face although It was accompanied by some rather sore feet!!!

Its a wonderful feeling entering into the new week knowing that better days are turning into reality but I am mindful of the fact that we are not completely out of the woods just yet. It’s definitely not quite how it used to be....But it certainly is great to be back open and it’s wonderful to see so many familiar faces along with new ones. We are all so grateful here for your support because we really wouldn’t be here without you all , so from all the team at The Weston Cross- THANK YOU.


And to our team of Lesley, Graham, David, Kerry D, Sophie, Daisy, Thomas, Danielle, May, Kelly, Jack, Paul and Emma- Thank you because without you I couldn’t of done it. Team work certainly makes the dream work.